Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – Wednesday November 10, 2021

Date: 11-10-2021

Scripture Lesson:2 Corinthians 8:1–9

Preacher: C. Fury

Description: Reading 2 Corinthians 8:1–9 (CW21)  All we have belongs to the Lord. When we are blessed with sufficient means and peace, we can show the riches of God's grace to others who are in a time of need. Jesus himself models this in a way that won our salvation. He had everything, and gave it up so we would have everything. Invisible faith created by the Word turns into visible works of love for our neighbor—when our neighbor needs assistance, yes, but also when he needs to hear of the love of God during his time of trial.  Speaker C. Fury  Advisor Prof.  Junior/Middler advisor name  Hymns 754:1–4 “Forgive Us, Lord, for Shallow Thankfulness”  754:5–6 “Forgive Us, Lord, for Shallow Thankfulness”