Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – January 9, 2024

Date: 01-09-2024

Scripture Lesson:Numbers 24:15–17a

Preacher: Jonas Lindemann

Description: Tuesday, January 9th Reading Numbers 24:15–17a From the mouth of the seer Balaam God warned the Moabite King Balak what would happen in Israel. As much as Balak didn’t want to hear it, Balaam was forced to tell the truth: what God promises in his word must be fulfilled. And the prophesy Balaam gave stands fulfilled today: a star has come forth, and a scepter has risen up. No one can stop the light from shining, no matter how much they don’t want to see it, the light shines for all to see and believe. Speaker J. Lindemann Advisor Prof. Waldschmidt Hymns 373 – Brightest and Best 374 – The Start Proclaims Order Standard Pianist Henning