Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – January 24 2017

Date: 01-24-2017

Scripture Lesson:Isaiah 8:19-9:4

Preacher: Ethan Boese

Description: Tuesday – Isaiah 8:19-9:4 There is no light without the testimony God gives in his Word. Isaiah described the results of the darkness apart from God’s instruction: distress, hunger, roaming, rage, cursing, fear, and gloom. The ultimate result is that those who do not listen to God are thrust into utter darkness. But Isaiah could see the day when God would send the Word made flesh, his one and only Son. Messiah came to both proclaim light in the darkness and to abolish the darkness by his substitutionary life and death. Jesus fulfilled this prophecy as he carried out his ministry in Galilee, and we fulfill this prophecy as we proclaim that Jesus is the Light of the world.   Service                    Regular Chapel Order Speaker                   Ethan Boese Hymns                     90 – The People that in Darkness Sat 577 – Rise, O Light of Gentile Nations Organist                 Nathanael Plocher