Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – January 26 2017

Date: 01-26-2017

Scripture Lesson:1 John 1:5-2:2

Preacher: Paul Bourman

Description: Thursday – 1 John 1:5-2:2   The two readings from John’s First Letter, read on this day and on Friday, proclaim the powerful force that the Light of the world has in our lives. In the first reading, we learn that this light from God affects our relationship with him and his Son. The pure light of God’s essential perfection forces us to be honest about our utter inability to be like God in sinless purity. We cannot stand in his presence, and we must confess the same. But the pure light of God’s essential grace provides a relief from the darkness and death of sin and lifts our eyes to the brilliance of the Savior’s sacrifice for sin. This light leads us to confess and prompts God to absolve.   Service                    Regular Chapel Order Speaker                   Paul Bourman Hymns                     338 – I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say 306 – Before You, God the Judge of All Organist                 Geoffrey Rue