Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – February 21 2017

Date: 02-21-2017

Scripture Lesson:1 Samuel 26:7-25

Preacher: Nicolas Jenswold

Description: Tuesday – 1 Samuel 26:7-25 King Saul had become David’s enemy, seeking to take his life. Now David, as the anointed successor of Saul, had his chance to kill Saul and end his trouble. Instead, David shows love to his enemy and spares his life – even calling him to repentance – because he recognized Saul as the ruler whom God had appointed. David did not take judgement upon Saul into his own hands, but left it to the LORD. David’s love for his enemy flowed out of his love for his LORD.   Service                    Regular Chapel Order Speaker                   Nicolas Jenswold Hymns                     521 – Lord of All Nations, Grant Me Grace 468 – My God, My Father Make Me Strong Organist                 Prof. Tackmier