Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – February 23 2017

Date: 02-23-2017

Scripture Lesson:Acts 7:54-60

Preacher: Alex Kirchenwitz

Description: Thursday – Acts 7:54-60 The words of the martyr Stephen bear a striking resemblance to the words of our Savior as he hung on the cross. Just like Jesus, Stephen prayed to God for the forgiveness of the very people who were killing him. Stephen’s very last words and actions of his life on earth were showing love for enemies because he saw the love of his Lord Jesus standing at God’s right hand to receive him.   Service                    Regular Chapel Order Speaker                   Alex Kirchenwitz Hymns                     552 st. 1, 25, 3 – By All Your Saints Still Striving 479 – Jesus, Your Boundless Love to Me Organist                 Pastor Johnold Strey