Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – March 1 2016

Date: 03-01-2016

Scripture Lesson:Numbers 16:23-40

Preacher: Martin Johnston

Description: Tuesday – Numbers 16:23-40 What a terrifying account of God’s judgment on sinners!  When unbelievers refuse to repent, they perish.  God gives his people a shocking warning.  We walk on the same ground Korah, Dathan, and Abiram did.  God demands that we honor and respect those in authority over us.  If we don’t, he is certainly capable of opening the ground to consume us too.  The warning is clear: Repent.  Don’t perish like Korah and his followers.  Rather, turn to God.  Aaron the priest was the only one who could burn incense before the Lord.  In repentance, God invites us to trust Jesus, our only Priest, who intercedes for us and saves us. Service             Regular chapel order Speaker           Martin Johnston Hymns ~ 305 – From Depths of Woe I Cry to You ~ 423 – Not in Anger, Mighty God Organist          Prof. Tiefel