Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – March 1 2017

Date: 03-01-2017

Scripture Lesson:Isaiah 59:12-20

Preacher: Jacob Reich

Description: Wednesday – Isaiah 59:12-20 ASH WEDNESDAY: Returning to the Lord means understanding the depths of our sinfulness and the multitude of our offenses.  It means despairing of our own abilities and recognizing that we have become completely corrupt. Our offenses are always with us and so God himself worked the salvation we could not; he provided the righteousness we failed to give.  The call to repentance reminds us that the Lord is coming again, clothed in righteousness and salvation, but also in vengeance and zeal.  The Redeemer will come. Return to the Lord!   Service                    God of Creation Speaker                   Jacob Reich Pianist                     Ethan Brooks and Guitar Ensemble