Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – March 2 2016

Date: 03-02-2016

Scripture Lesson:Numbers 25:1-9

Preacher: Nathanael Plocher

Description: Wednesday – Numbers 25:1-9 Here is another example from Israel’s history of sinners perishing for lack of repentance.  We also see the righteous anger that Phinehas displayed over the open, accepted sin among the Israelites.  God’s warning to his people is clear: Don’t mess around with sin.  Repent and flee from immorality.  During this season of Lent, take whatever extreme measures necessary to put to death the sin in your life as you turn and trust in Jesus.   Service             Confession (True Vine) Speaker           Nathanael Plocher Psalm              CW 38 Choir                Middler Chapel Choir Pianist             Prof. Geiger