Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – March 7, 2024

Date: 03-07-2024

Scripture Lesson:Romans 8:1-10

Preacher: C. Lindholm

Description: Thursday, March 7 Reading           Romans 8:1-10 (Supplemental Reading) There is a struggle of cosmic proportions going on in Lent, in the Word, in us. The law has the enormous power to kill, to enslave, to condemn and to curse. For its curses there is no cure. The flesh has no strength to free itself from condemnation nor even the desire to rid itself of the curse. That’s how total our need is! Only the proclamation of no condemnation! because of the work of Christ can break the shackles and set us free. But if we insist on running back to slavery, slavery is what we will have. Now we have with freedom from condemnation the struggle against the flesh and its desire to reassert control. If we perceive no struggle, then either we are already in heaven, or we have given ourselves again to the control of the flesh. God is serious; we had better be! Speaker           C. Lindholm Advisor            Prof. Ericson Hymns             912 – Open, Lovely Doors 686 – Water , Blood, and Spirit Crying Musician          R. Henning