Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – March 9 2016

Date: 03-09-2016

Scripture Lesson:Judges 10:6-16

Preacher: Tristan Paustian

Description: We know the cycle well enough. 1) Israel descends to idolatry. 2) God sends a nation as a scourge. 3) Israel repents. 4) God forgives. 5)Repeat. But we might be more familiar with the cycle than we think. 1) You sin. 2) Consequence. 3)  You get scared. 4) God forgives. 5) Repeat. It’s easy to ridicule Israel for their idiocy, but what is most amazing about this motif is what God does. Time in and time out God forgives freely, fully, even foolishly. When you see it happen to others it may seem silly. When it happens to you, it changes your eternity. (This Old Testament account is a real life parallel to Jesus pretend story in this week’s Gospel.)   Service             Service of Confession and Absolution (True Vine) Speaker           Tristan Paustian Pianist             Prof. Geiger Choir               Middler Chapel Choir