Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – March 10 2016

Date: 03-10-2016

Scripture Lesson:Psalm 32

Preacher: Noah Willitz

Description: Thursday – Psalm 32 God takes away sins because he decided to do it. We can’t earn it. He just doesn’t count our sins. It sounds ridiculous, foolish even. But what joy it inspires! No burden is heavier than a guilty conscience before God. No joy is greater than peace with God. So when you are guilty, run to the Father who waits for you with open arms. There is forgiveness there. There is rejoicing there. (For an inspired commentary on these verses check out Romans 4:1-10)   Service             Regular chapel order Speaker           Noah Willitz Hymns            CW-383 “Blessed are They, Forever Blessed” CW-443 “Rejoice, My Heart, Be Glad and Sing” Organist          Nathanael Jensen