Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – March 17 2017

Date: 03-17-2017

Scripture Lesson:Hebrews 10:19-25

Preacher: Thomas Neider

Description: Friday – Hebrews 10:19-25   The writer to the Hebrews gives Christians a call to action – a call to persevere in faith. Through the payment of blood on that skull-shaped hill outside Jerusalem, Jesus won for us the right to approach God confidently, trusting that that same blood has been sprinkled on our hearts and made us worthy to stand before God. Just as we love because he first loved us, so we trust in him who is absolutely trustworthy. We have faith in the most faithful one of all. But we also lower our gaze from him and look to those around us, encouraging them toward the good works God created us to do and urging them to remain firmly rooted in faith until the Lord returns.   Service                    Regular Chapel Order Speaker                   Thomas Neider Hymns                     106         Come to Calvary’s Holy Mountain 367         Christ Be My Leader Pianist                     Prof. Geiger