Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – March 22 2016

Date: 03-22-2016

Scripture Lesson:Philippians 2:5-11

Preacher: Andrew Nemmers

Description: Tuesday – Philippians 2:5-11 Only an all-knowing, all-powerful, all-loving God would be able to plan and carry out our way to salvation. Jesus, true God, made himself nothing and became the servant of all by submitting even to death. He did all of this to save generations of people who will never perfectly love or believe in him. What grace! Now Christ sits in glory and is worthy of everlasting praise because he accomplished our salvation. He calls us to be humble in response to the humility he showed in saving us. Service Regular chapel order Speaker           Andrew Nemmers Hymns             716 No Tramp of Soldiers’ Marching Feet 351 Hail, O Once-Despised Jesus Organist          Prof. Tiefel