Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – April 3 2017

Date: 04-03-2017

Scripture Lesson:John 11:17-27, 38-45

Preacher: Professor Wordell

Description: Monday – John 11:17-27, 38-45 Jesus performed the greatest miracle of his ministry to prove to us the assurance of his greatest promise. As Jesus sat there with the grieving sisters of Lazarus, He gave them unbelievable comfort–“Your brother will rise again.” Jesus brought Lazarus’ lifeless body back from the grave and Mary and Martha saw the immediate fulfillment of Jesus’ promise.  Jesus is resurrection and the life. And the one who is resurrection and life will also give resurrection and life to all who believe. We will all, one day, be lifted from the grave because Jesus conquered death for us, too!   Service            Regular Chapel Order Speaker           Professor Wordell Hymns            110–My Song is Love Unknown, stanzas 1-5 Stanzas 6-7 Organist          Prof. Tiefel