Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – April 4 2017

Date: 04-04-2017

Scripture Lesson:Romans 8:11-19

Preacher: Chester Reinemann

Description: Tuesday – Romans 8:11-19 God gives spiritual and eternal life. The Holy Spirit living in us is proof of the possession of our greatest treasure–the resurrection from the dead. If the Spirit is in us, God will certainly grant true and real life to our mortal bodies. Since we are led by the Spirit, we have the privilege of calling God, “Father.” God calls us children and heirs—Heirs of God and Co-Heirs with the Messiah. Because we are heirs with God and co-heirs with Christ, we confidently approach God without fear. We bear up under suffering as children of God as we eagerly await our resurrection from the dead.   Service            Regular Chapel Order Speaker           Chester Reinemann Hymns            181–Come, Oh, Come, Life-Giving Spirit 422–Jesus, Lead On Organist          Geoffrey Rue