Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – April 5 2016

Date: 04-05-2016

Scripture Lesson: Acts 10:34a, 36, 39-43

Preacher: Tristan Paustian

Description: Tuesday – Acts 10:34a, 36, 39-43 The Apostles had a very interesting job and a unique role in the early church. They were not simply second-hand messengers speaking about Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection—they had seen it themselves. They were eyewitnesses. Though Jesus didn’t appear to everyone, he wanted everyone to know he had risen, and so he sent his apostles out with the command to tell other people what they had seen. We aren’t eyewitnesses, but we can still share this message with the same confidence as they did. We too bring a message of sin and grace and of death and resurrection. We stand alongside the apostles and prophets, using God’s Word to make people sure of their salvation. Service            Regular chapel order Speaker           Tristan Paustian Hymns             154 Alleluia, Alleluia, Give Thanks 561 Lord Speak to Us that We May Speak Organist          Prof. Tiefel