Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – April 5 2017

Date: 04-05-2017

Scripture Lesson:2 Kings 4:18-37

Preacher: David Spaude

Description: Wednesday – 2 Kings 4:18-37 There is hardly a more heartbreaking story in the Old Testament. A barren woman gave birth to the promised child. Around this boy was wrapped the whole of his mother’s hopes and love. Everything was fine, until the boys head began to hurt. As the mother rocked the aching boy in her lap, he died. The pain, the tears, the wailing from that mother are hard to fathom. Death, that awful lot we inherited from Adam, infects us all. But even in the face of a bitter death such as this, God wants us to know that death is not the end. Whoever believes in him will live even though he dies. Elisha was granted an opportunity from God to show the inheritance waiting for the co-heirs with Christ by raising that boy back to life. He did this so that we might know and believe that Jesus one day will raise us from death to life.   Service            Confession and Absolution Speaker           David Spaude Choir               Faculty Choir Pianist             Ethan Brooks and Contemporary Ensemble