Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – April 8 2016

Date: 04-08-2016

Scripture Lesson:2 Peter 1:16-21

Preacher: Aaron Platzer

Description: Friday – 2 Peter 1:16-21 This message that we have from Jesus isn’t just a cute story. It isn’t just an interesting story of a nice guy who met a tragic end. Nor is it a myth that’s been passed down that has only a nugget of truth. This story of Jesus is based on eyewitness testimony. It is a fact. On top of that, we have the words of the prophets, which we have seen clearly fulfilled in Jesus.  God goes to great lengths so that we can have confidence in him and his promises.   Service            Regular chapel order Speaker           Aaron Platzer Hymns             281 God Has Spoken by His Prophets 291 We Have a Sure Prophetic Word Organist          Lloyd Harter