Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – April 8, 2024

Date: 04-08-2024

Scripture Lesson:John 20:19-31

Preacher: Prof. Rob Wendland

Description: Monday, April 8th Reading John 20:19-31 One can only imagine the darkness that must have shrouded the disciples’ gathering on Easter night. They had failed their teacher and friend. One had denied he knew of his existence. The deserted him – fleeing into the night. Most had failed to be there at his death. The gut-wrenching guilt must have been overwhelming. Yet Christ in his love and grace provides these weary souls exactly what they need: peace. Speaker Prof. Wendland Advisor N/A Hymns 457 sts. 1-6 – “O Sons and Daughters of the King” 457 sts. 7-9 – “O Sons and Daughters of the King” Order Standard Pianist Prof. Christie