Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – April 11, 2024

Date: 04-11-2024

Scripture Lesson:1 John 5:1-6

Preacher: Isaiah Pedersen

Description: Thursday, April 11th   Reading           1 John 5:1-6 The first century heretic Cerinthus had more than Easter difficulties, but all of his difficulties ultimately attacked Easter. He taught that Jesus was an ordinary human being, on whom the Christ descended at his baptism, but then departed before Jesus’ passion--for surely God could not suffer and die. Yet John is clear: Jesus the Christ did not come by water only, but by water and blood. By denying Jesus’ deity, Cerinthus also denied his bodily resurrection. And by denying Jesus’ saving work, he forfeited the victory over the world that Jesus won for mankind.  By forfeiting that victory, he also forfeited love. John earnestly appeals to his original readers and to us: It is the Spirit himself who testifies to Jesus’ resurrection and deity, and the Spirit is the truth. Believe in Jesus. Partake of his victory over the world. Love your Savior God, and love your neighbor as well. Only faith saves, but faith and love flow equally from Jesus’ resurrection, as attested in his Word. Speaker           I. Pedersen Advisor            Prof. Waldschmidt Hymns             679 – God’s Own Child 686 – Water, Blood, and Spirit Crying Order              Standard Organist          Melso and Loersch (Utilize our choir edition of God’s Own Child)