Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – April 12, 2024

Date: 04-12-2024

Scripture Lesson:Psalm 16

Preacher: Josiah Mittlestadt

Description: Friday, April 12th Reading           Psalm 16 Just as Thomas proclaimed “my Lord and my God” upon seeing the resurrected Christ, so too does David in Psalm 16. Through prophesy, David proclaimed “you will not let your Holy one see decay.” By inspiration, David knew of the resurrection of his heir, Jesus, and can’t help but praise God for his goodness, not just in the resurrection, but in life as well. This psalm is a beautiful example of that praise, giving thanks to God for all that he has done as our God. This is what the peace of Christ brings to those who believe. Speaker           J. Mittelstadt Advisor            Prof. Degner Psalm              16C – (Piano, Guitar, Bass, and Violin on this) Mittelstadt sings stanzas; Assembly Refrians Hymns             544 (1,3-4) – I Am the Bread of Life (Choir; Assemby-refrains) Lord, When Your Glory (Choir) Order              Liturgical Chapel – Creation (Christ Is Arisen for Song of Praise in place of Gloria) Musician         Ensemble (Behm)