Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – April 13 2016

Date: 04-13-2016

Scripture Lesson:Judges 13:2-25

Preacher: Ben Birner

Description: Wednesday – Judges 13:2-25 Long before his birth on this earth, Jesus displayed his power and majesty to Samson’s parents. He promised to send a savior—a judge—for his people by giving them a son.  Of course, Samson would never be able to save God’s people from their sins.  But the pre-incarnate Christ, with his divine power, one day would.  He is the one worthy of our honor and worship   Service             Mass for New World Speaker           Ben Birner Pianist             Darin Warnecke Choir              Junior Chapel Choir (cf. verse for Gospel Acclamation on p. 20. Use verse 3: Christ, our paschal Lamb…