Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – April 18 2016

Date: 04-18-2016

Scripture Lesson:John 10:22-30

Preacher: Prof. Earle Treptow

Description: Monday – John 10:22-30 The Jews wouldn’t listen when he told them he was God. But he is. Sheep will follow a good shepherd form pasture to pasture. But When the God-Shepherd calls your name, he leads them to eternal life. When the God-Shepherd’s got you, nobody can snatch you. The Good Shepherd is every bit as Divine as his Father in heaven. A good shepherd bring you joy. The God-Shepherd can make your joy eternal. Service             Regular chapel order Speaker           Prof. Earle Treptow Hymns            # 375 “The King of Love My Shepherd Is” # 432 “I am Jesus’ Little Lamb” Organist          Kenneth Rodrigue