Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – April 20 2016

Date: 04-20-2016

Scripture Lesson:Psalm 23

Preacher: Micah Plocher

Description: Wednesday – Psalm 23 Prof. Brug has called Psalm 23, “the song of the happiest sheep.” Why is the sheep so happy? It’s not just because the shepherd knows what he’s doing. He’s a good shepherd alright—that’s clear in the first few verses. But not even a good shepherd can guide the sheep past death, or prepare a feast for the sheep, or ensure that blessings always chase after his flock. Only God can bring those blessings. Why is the sheep so happy? It’s because the shepherd is God-- that is Yahweh-- with all his promise-keeping power and all his sacrificing love. The God-Shepherd is the has promised that you will dwell with him forever. With the God-Shepherd around, how can the sheep not be happy? Service             Jesus the Compassion of God Speaker           Micah Plocher Organist          Darin Warnecke Choir               Middler Chapel Choir