Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – April 25 2016

Date: 04-25-2016

Scripture Lesson:John 13:31-35

Preacher: Prof. Leyrer

Description: Monday – John 13:31-35 A new command? How can loving one another be a new command? God’s love and the glory God brings to himself through his love for us is always new. It is new in every single way we learn it and see it expressed in our lives through word and sacrament. It is also new because it appears to us as something new and novel each day; it is not natural to ceaselessly love each other, but each day I find new love in Jesus to love everyone else.   Service             Regular chapel order Speaker           Prof. Leyrer Hymns             497-This Is My Will 505-Love Is the Gracious Gift Organist          Kenneth Rodrigue