Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – April 25, 2022

Date: 04-25-2022

Scripture Lesson:John 20:19-31

Preacher: Prof. Paul Wendland

Description: Monday, April 25 Reading John 20:19-31 The Easter gospel is based on the written testimony of eyewitnesses of the risen Christ. As we read that testimony, the Spirit enables us who are not eyewitnesses to also believe. Speaker: Prof. P. Wendland Hymns 458 – “Christ Is Arisen” 468 – “These Things Did Thomas Count As Real” Musician Nate Plocher Prayer/Day O risen Lord, you came to your disciples and took away their fears with your word of peace. Come to us also by Word and sacrament, and banish our fears with the comforting assurance of you’re abiding presence; for you live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.