Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – April 26 2017

Date: 04-26-2017

Scripture Lesson:Acts 10:34a,36,39-43

Preacher: Jacob Seelman

Description: Thursday – Acts 10:34a,36,39-43 At the house of the centurion Cornelius, Peter preaches the universality of Christ’s resurrection. Jesus’ life is joy for all people, not just the Jews. Jesus chose to appear to his disciples in the locked room, and through the testimony of these witnesses, he appears to us. In fact, this testimony doesn’t start with the disciples, but began as a message for all people with God’s prophets. God’s witnesses declare the resurrected Jesus to be the judge of all people, but also forgiveness given in Jesus’ name to all who trust in him.   Service                    Regular Chapel Order Speaker                   Jacob Seelman Hymns                     CW 149 Christ the Lord Is Risen Today CW 346 In You Is Gladness Organist                 Prof. Tiefel