Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – May 9 2016

Date: 05-09-2016

Scripture Lesson:John 17:20-26

Preacher: Ben Zietlow

Description: Monday – John 17:20-26 In the Gospel for this week, Jesus prays for his current and future disciples. He wants them to have a unity with one another like Jesus has with his Father! Not only that, but he wants their unity with God to be like Jesus’ unity with God. Amazing! Even in this sin-filled world, Jesus prays for a unique and intimate unity. Not only that, but he wants more and more people to be joined together in this body of unified believers. God desires unity and growth in his church.   Service            Regular Chapel Order Speaker           Ben Zietlow Hymns             536 Lord Jesus Christ, the Church’s Head 169 Alleluia! Sing to Jesus Organist          Lloyd Harter