Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – May 11 2017

Date: 05-11-2017

Scripture Lesson:Psalm 23

Preacher: Andrew Westra

Description: Thursday – Psalm 23   There is hardly a more beautiful psalm in the whole Psalter. With a heart of faith, David-once a shepherd himself-calls the LORD his shepherd. Our Good Shepherd lovingly provides everything we need in this life. He showers us with blessings, so much so that our cup overflows. The Gate for the sheep gives us his grace and mercy, care and protection all the days of our life. With the Good Shepherd watching over us, there is nothing in this world we need to fear—not even death. On our last day, the Good Shepherd will bring us to live in the peace and security of his house forever.   Service            Regular Chapel Order Speaker           Andrew Westra Hymns             766 – The Lord’s My Shepherd; I’ll Not Want 750 – Christ, the Word of God Incarnate; Stanzas 1,4,6 Organist          Ethan Brooks