Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – May 16 2017

Date: 05-16-2017

Scripture Lesson:1 Peter 2:4-10

Preacher: Mark Voss

Description: Tuesday – 1 Peter 2:4-10   The unbelieving world preaches “Tolerance! Tolerance!” And they reject the Savior because of his claims of being the one way, the one truth, and the one life. Just like the Jewish leaders of the first century, they cast aside Christ, the true cornerstone by which to align their lives, and instead forge their own truths and ways. While rejecting the cornerstone ultimately leads to death, Peter proclaims that for believers the cornerstone is what saves and builds. The living stone of Christ is Life, gives life, and makes living stones out of people who were scattered in darkness.   Service                    Regular Chapel Order Speaker                   Mark Voss Hymns                     250         From All that Dwell below the Skies 528         Christ Is Our Cornerstone Organist                 Ethan Brooks