Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – August 27, 2020

Date: 08-27-2020

Scripture Lesson:Exodus 34:5-9

Preacher: Justin Steinke

Description: Thursday, August 27  Reading: Exodus 34:5-9  Who do they say I am? Moses did not specifically ask that question, yet God still answered itMoses asked to see God in all his glory (Exod 33:18). God answered Moses’ request – just not in the way Moses suggested. God did not share a revelation of his glorious person. No sinful man could see that and survive! Instead, God revealed the glorious riches of his grace as he proclaimed his saving Name. He is the God who is utterly faithful to the proclamation of his law and gospel. Moses is immediately inspired to worship.  Speaker: Justin Steinke  Hymns WELS Hymnal Project 462 - The God of Abraham Praise   CW 257 - My Soul, Now Bless Your Maker  Organist: Prof. Christie