Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – August 28 2020

Date: 08-28-2020

Scripture Lesson:Romans 10:5-13

Preacher: Christian Willick

Description: Friday, August 28  Reading Romans 10:5-13  Peter proclaimed Jesus as Messiah and Son. God proclaimed himself to Moses as LORD – faithful to all his promises. God continues to maintain his love to thousands and forgive wickednessHow? Not by calling forth human efforts or tweaking human attitudes, but by proclaiming the saving name of ChristThe Word of God’s grace creates faith in hearts and calls-forth confession from our mouths. All who call upon Jesus’ saving name will be saved!  Speaker Christian Willick    Psalm 138 WELS Psalter 138A Your Praises, God, I’m Bringing  To be sung as follows: s.1 – Juniors, s.2 – Middlers, s.3 – Seniors and Faculty, s. 4 - All  HymnCW 236:1,4-5 - All Praise to God Who Reigns Above  Organist Prof. Christie