Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel September 10, 2020

Date: 09-10-2020

Scripture Lesson: Psalm 32

Preacher: Mark Zondag

Description: Thursday, September 10th Reading           Psalm 32 “When….” David’s mouth was not speaking, but his conscience surely was – condemning him while the Lord’s hand pressed down hard upon him. David was silent, but Nathan the prophet was not as his finger pointed right at David: “You are the man!” It seems likely that David wrote Psalm 32 after his unsavory use of Bathsheba and the premeditated murder of her husband. The pattern of sin and guilt, confession and forgiveness, renewal and rejoicing certainly fits that situation. “Then…” David repents. God forgives. And a formerly lost son has reason to rejoice! (Psa 32:11) How many times have we relived the pattern of sin and grace, confession and absolution in our lives? With our iniquity covered and our sin forgiven, we are called to be our brother’s keeper: “I will instruct you and teach you… I will counsel you and watch over you…” (Psa 32:8) Speaker           Mark Zondag Hymns             WELS Hymnal Project 651:1-3 – “In Hopeless and Near Despair” WELS Hymnal Project 651:4 – “In Hopeless and Near Despair” Order              Standard Organist          Prof. Tackmier