Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – September 14 2016

Date: 09-14-2016

Scripture Lesson:Exodus 32:7-14

Preacher: Geoff Rue

Description: Wednesday – Exodus 32:7-14   Israel had hit an all-time low. They turned from worshiping the all-powerful God who led them out from under the oppressive hand of Egyptians to worshipping a golden calf. But in this reading, we see Moses pleading with God to relent from his anger and to remember his promises. Like Moses, we hold God to his promises of faithfulness to the lost. Even during the darkest of days, the Lord turns from his fierce anger and preserves his chosen people for eternity.   Service            CW Morning Praise Speaker           Geoff Rue Psalm              Psalm 51a – CW setting Response        Give Thanks to the Lord - Moldenhauer Organist          Prof. Tiefel Chapel Choir    Middler Chapel Choir