Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – September 15, 2020

Date: 09-15-2020

Scripture Lesson:Genesis 50:15-21

Preacher: Tim Walsh

Description: Reading           Genesis 50:15-21 “How hard it is to forgive like God! We may forgive someone who hurts us, but we never forget. We harbor that hurt deep inside of us for years—never understanding that we are locking ourselves in the prison of the past. Joseph’s brothers feared that they would finally have to pay for what they did to Joseph. His father was gone; he was still in charge in Egypt; and the brothers thought that they were going to face Joseph’s vengeance. As repentant sinners, we often act like the brothers and wait for God to get even with us for our past sins. Shame on us! We are making God as shallow as we are! In God’s eyes our sins are forgiven, forgotten, forever. Joseph wept at their words as he remembered the sordid history and all the emotions that came with it. He wept, but he was free from the prison of the past; he had forgiven his brothers their terrible deeds. Through his tears, Joseph never wavered, but he calmed his brothers’ fears, forgave them like God forgives, and set them free from their prison of the past” (Planning Christian Worship – Year A, p. 152). Speaker           Tim Walsh Hymns             CW429:1-4 – “What God Ordains Is Always Good” CW429:5 – “What God Ordains Is Always Good” Organist          Prof. Christie