Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – September 19, 2022

Date: 09-19-2022

Scripture Lesson:Justin Digman

Preacher: Luke 16:1-13 

Description: The readings this week are the lectionary selections for Pentecost 15 (Proper 20C). All preachers should read the overview of this week’s readings found on p. 300 in Commentary on the Propers Year C.  Remember the flow of the week: Monday sets the theme of the week based upon the Gospel. Services on Wednesday and Friday expand upon the theme of the week via the other lectionary selections.    Monday, September 19th   Reading Luke 16:1-13  See pp. 301-2 in Commentary on the Propers Year C.  Speaker J. Digman  Advisor N/A  Hymns 807:1–4 – “All Depends on Our Possessing”  807:5–6 – “All Depends on Our Possessing”  Prayer/Day See CW Altar Book, p. 298.  Musician M. Zeng