Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – September 30, 2022

Date: 09-30-2022

Scripture Lesson:Revelation 2:8-11 

Preacher: Daniel Gensmer

Description: Friday, September 30th   Reading Revelation 2:8-11  To the church in Smyrna: Here is comfort for the faithful who find themselves on the side of the poor and oppressed. In spite of physical poverty and persecution, lasting wealth is found only in Jesus, our priceless treasure. He has guaranteed for the faithful a “crown of life.” Speaker D. Gensmer   Advisor Prof. Pagels  Order Setting I (p. 154)  Hymn 678; Invocation, p. 154; Confess+Abs p. 155/ Kyrie+Gloria pp. 156-159 / Prayer of Day (Altar Book, p. 300) / Psalm 146D / Devotion and Reading / Apostle’s Creed p. 163 / closing service prayer, Lord’s Prayer, and Blessing on p. 171.  Hymn 678 – “Once in the Blest Baptismal Waters”  Psalm Psalter 146D – “Praise the Almighty; My Soul, Adore Him”  Musician E. Lund