Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – October 12 2016

Date: 10-12-2016

Scripture Lesson:Ruth 1:1-19a

Preacher: Nate Plocher

Description: Wednesday – Ruth 1:1-19a   Naomi and her daughters-in-law had gone through great hardship when they lost their husbands. Yet, the Lord brought them through it. When Naomi heard that the Lord had come the aid of his starving people, she made plans to go back home. Naomi urged her daughters-in-law not to go with her, but Ruth stayed. In faith, Ruth was determined to remain with Naomi and with the Lord, the true God. The example of loyalty Ruth shows is remarkable. Yet, our loyalty to each other and to God is all a matter of faith. In thanksgiving, we dedicate our lives to the Lord and his work.   Service            Jesus, Compassion of God Speaker           Nate Plocher Pianist             Ethan Brooks, guitar ensemble Choir                Junior Chapel Choir