Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – October 14 2016

Date: 10-14-2016

Scripture Lesson:1 Samuel 12:20-24

Preacher: Samuel Jeske

Description: Friday – 1 Samuel 12:20-24   At Saul’s coronation, Samuel gives his farewell address to Israel. In his speech, Samuel encourages Israel to be faithful to the Lord and remember his gracious deliverance, both past and future. He outlined for them what true thanksgiving consists of: repentance, remembrance, recommitment. This is the heartfelt thanksgiving we see in the lonely leper. Moved by God’s grace, this is the same kind of thanksgiving we have, too.   Service            Regular chapel order Speaker           Samuel Jeske Hymns             #353—Praise the One Who Breaks the Darkness #777—Now Let Us All in Hymns of Praise Organist          Geoffrey Rue