Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – November 10 2020

Date: 11-10-2020

Scripture Lesson:Isaiah 52:1-6

Preacher: J. Thede

Description: TuesdayNovember 10th    Reading Isaiah 52:1-6  Isaiah calls on exiled Israel to prepare themselves, for the Lord is coming! The people had been in captivity, but that would come to an end. The Lord tells them to look the part! They have been given a throne, 1and they are called to ready themselves for the Lord’s rescue. What a beautiful picture of redeemed Zion, the apple of God’s eye being brought home to the promised land. So it is with us being brought to our Savior’s side in heaven one day.   Speaker J. Thede  Hymns CW 220:1-2 - “O’er the Distant Mountains Breaking  CW 220:3-4 - “O’er the Distant Mountains Breaking    Pianist R. Henning