Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – November 12 2020

Date: 11-12-2020

Scripture Lesson:Prof. Rob Wendland

Preacher: Revelation 22:12-21

Description: Thursday, November 12th    Reading Revelation 22:12-21  The closing words of John’s Revelation are the prayer of every Christian in these end times“Come, Lord Jesus!” For we know that our Lord is coming soon. And while he comes in judgement, he still offers grace to any and all who will come to him in faith and rewards them according to what they have done. God help us to be vigilant, to prepare ourselves accordingly, and to gladly praise and rejoice when we see our king come!   Speaker Prof. Rob Wendland Hymns CW21 490:1-3 – “The Clouds of Judgment Gather”  CW21 490:4 – “The Clouds of Judgment Gather”  Pianist M. Zeng