Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – November 16 2016

Date: 11-16-2016

Scripture Lesson:Revelation 22:1-5

Preacher: Matthew Stuebs

Description: Wednesday – Revelation 22:1-5   The New Jerusalem is beyond our current comprehension. But we know this: we have been chosen to be its residents. God’s throne and the lamb will not just be near the city, but in our midst. The curse of sin is nonexistent, and the water of life flows like a river for our healing. The light of our God, with whom we will reign forever and ever, has eradicated the darkness of sin. This is how our relationship with our God continues after this life has passed away.   Service                    Christian Worship: Morning Praise Speaker                   Matthew Stuebs Organist                 Prof. Tiefel Choir                        Faculty Chapel Choir