Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – December 13 2016

Date: 12-13-2016

Scripture Lesson:Isaiah 35:1-10

Preacher: Joshua Shandor

Description: Tuesday – Isaiah 35:1-10   Isaiah’s Messianic prophecies often abound with metaphors of water in the desert and a highway through the rough places. This prophecy is no different. However, not only will the desert burst forth in joy, but God’s ransomed and redeemed people will be crowned with joy as they enter Zion in triumphant song! Jesus fulfilled this prophecy as he healed the blind, deaf, and lame, and he still fulfills it today as he strengthens our feeble hands, steadies our unstable knees, and comforts our fearful hearts with the joy that comes from the knowledge of sins forgiven.   Service                    Regular Chapel Order Speaker                   Joshua Shandor Hymns                     28 – Let the Earth Now Praise the Lord 12 - Hark the Glad Sound! The Savior Comes Organist                 Ethan Brooks