Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – December 14 2016

Date: 12-14-2016

Scripture Lesson:Job 1:6-22

Preacher: Hans Thomford

Description: Wednesday – Job 1:6-22   The story of Job is a familiar one, but its point can never be emphasized enough. True joy does not come from earthly blessings. True joy is only found in God’s great blessing of a Savior from sin. In the face of immense suffering, it appeared that Job had no reason whatsoever to praise God. And yet what do we see – Job, facedown on the ground, giving wholehearted praise to the God who would one day deliver him.   Service                    Christian Worship: Morning Praise 31- O Lord of Light, Who Made the Stars Speaker                   Hans Thomford Organist                 Prof. Tiefel Choir                        Faculty Choir Psalm                       CW Psalm 146 Seasonal Response for Advent by KGM Benedictus replaces Te Deum