Daily Chapel

Minor Festival of St. Titus

Date: 01-26-2024

Scripture Lesson:Acts 20:28–35; Titus 1:1-9; Luke 10:1–9

Preacher: Prof. Waldschmidt

Description: Friday, January 26th (Festival Service for the Minor Festival of St. Titus) Reading           Acts 20:28–35; Titus 1:1-9; Luke 10:1–9 Speaker            Prof. Waldschmidt (chose preaching text from three above) Presiding          Prof. Christie Advisor            N/R Hymns             895 – “Preach You the Word” (Hymn of Day) 892 – “By All Your Saints Still Striving” v. 1, 11, 3 (Opening Hymn) 663 – “Soul Adorn Yourself with Gladness” (Distribution Hymn) 898 – “Send, O Lord, Your Holy Spirit” (Closing Hymn) Psalm               71B (Piano) Prof. Christie will sing stanza 1. Color               White Order               The Service, Setting I Pianist              N. Melso