WLS Auxiliary

Friends of the Seminary Day

Due to concerns about COVID-19, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary’s annual Friends of the Seminary Day on Saturday, October 3, 2020 will not be held on campus.


Dear Friend of the Seminary,

Your faithful prayers and generous offerings allow us to continue the work the seminary has done for 157 years—preparing pastors for the worldwide work of WELS.

Each fall, we look forward to inviting you to campus for Friends of the Seminary Day to tell you more about that work. It’s our chance to thank you—in person—and introduce you to faculty and students.

Unfortunately, we have come to the decision to cancel this year’s in-person event. We have begun planning how, instead of bringing you to the seminary, we can bring the seminary to you. We will share that information as more decisions are made.

Until then, please know that while our events may change, our purpose and mission have not. We continue to prepare men who are eager and able to preach the Word and to equip you for lives of service.

We place ourselves in the Lord’s hands, asking him to bless us and the decisions we have made. He will guide all of this in a way that pleases him, serves his saving plans, and benefits us. Of that we are certain.

Thanking God for your partnership,

Earle D. Treptow, president

P.S. We’d like to stay in touch in as many ways as possible—whether electronic, mail, or social media. Please make sure we have your updated address and e-mail. Share it with us at On Facebook, follow us at


What is the Auxiliary?

  • Enjoying Fellowship

Each October WLS hosts Friends of the Seminary Day. Women and men who are dedicated to serving our Savior gather together for fellowship and mutual encouragement as they learn more about Christ’s mission at WLS.

The day includes coffee fellowship, worship with the Seminary Chorus, mission presentations by faculty and students, a light luncheon, and campus tours.

  • Encouraging Support

WLS Auxiliary encourages project and prayer support for the mission of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. Material projects are presented to WLS Auxiliary by the seminary. Projects chosen by a vote at the annual meeting are by the gifts of congregations and individuals. Since 1973, more than $114,600 in wish-list donations has been given by friends of the seminary through the WLS Auxiliary.

Projects in recent years have included furnishings for the recently renovated chapel, a utility vehicle, video equipment, a binding machine, and gifts to the Scholarship Fund. Smaller projects are sometimes supported by individual or group contributions specifying a particular item.

  • Providing Opportunities

The annual meeting of WLS Auxiliary, Friends of the Seminary Day, is held every October. This meeting offers the opportunity for friends – old and new – to learn more about the vital mission of the seminary.

Presentations and lectures highlight some of the ways our faculty and students are serving Christ’s church on a wider scale on and off our campus.

For more information about WLS Auxiliary or to schedule a speaker, please contact mission advancement coordinator Lori Guse at (262) 242-8104.