Online Conference for Lutheran Theological Educators

On February 1, 2, and 3, the Global Theological Education Commission (GTEC) of the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference hosted an online conference for Lutheran theological educators. There were 58 registrants from 21 countries; and because they were from around the world, the conference was for only two hours each day (beginning at 6:00 am in the US and ending at 10:00 pm in Hong Kong).  

There were four goals for the conference: 1. That we learn about the educators in our global theological programs; 2. That we learn about the programs (faculty, students, blessings, challenges, prayer requests); 3. That we discuss the things that shape and enhance these programs (especially our global theological friends); and 4. That we explore ways we can help and support each other in the future.

While this conference was hosted by GTEC, it was supported by the staff of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary and Grow in Grace. Technology Services Coordinator, Jeff Mitchell, facilitated the use of Zoom; Grow in Grace Executive Assistant, Barbara Rickaby, facilitated registration; Grow in Grace Event Planner, Kim Workentine, created a directory of participants and communicated with participants leading up to the event, and Grow in Grace intern, Shawn Marron, provided digital resources that enhanced the sessions. 

What blessings were enjoyed through this conference? We learned that we are not alone in the work of training the next generation of pastors. We learned that the Lord is blessing our work around the world. We learned that we have theological friends with whom there can be mutual blessings and encouragement. We counted God’s blessings, listened to each other, prayed for each other, and encouraged each other. 

Finally, we recognized the need to keep learning and to keep growing spiritually and professionally. Many of the participants said, “Let’s keep learning from and with each other.”