Seminary Students Teach Catechism Lessons

The seminary aims to produce pastoral candidates who can seize the numerous teaching and learning opportunities present in Lutheran congregations. During their first year at the seminary, students learn the principles and methods that are basic to Christian education at any level (children, youth, and adult). During their second year, students learn to apply these basic principles and methods as they prepare catechism lessons, youth Bible classes, and adult Bible classes. Students are also involved in supervised classroom teaching of catechism lessons in Lutheran elementary schools in the greater Milwaukee area. Each student prepares and teaches three lessons, receiving feedback from a supervising pastor, from one of his peers, and from a faculty member. Students hone these skills further as they teach catechism during vicar year (their third year). 

Half of the second year students taught catechism lessons at area schools this week; Ethan Prins was among them. At Mt. Lebanon Lutheran Elementary School in Milwaukee, he taught the lesson he had prepared on the Church (Questions 205-210 in the new catechism). Who are the people who belong to the holy Christian Church? What are those people like? Where can the Christian Church be found on earth? In the lesson Ethan led the students into nine Bible passages that provide the answers to these questions. One of Ethan’s stated goals for the lesson was that his students would desire to remain rooted in God’s Word so as to enjoy the blessings of being in the holy Christian church. 

This was more than just a catechism lesson about the church. This was more than just a seminarian learning how to teach. This was God working through his Word to strengthen and preserve the faith of his precious people. Church was happening!