Preach the Word – January/February 2006

Volume 9, Number 3

Pastor Tom Jeske gives some advice about preaching in the midweek. Pastor Phil Spaude offers a Gospel-motivated way to assess your preaching. Preaching advice is also listed from both Walther and Luther.

One Way to Assess Your Preaching

In some ways the preaching expressions, method, and style a man develops over time are like a slow-moving BNSF train: he has great difficulty speeding up, slowing down or switching tracks. I have never heard a sermon in our circles that contained blatant false doctrine. I have heard—and preached—more than one sermon that was uninspiring. So how do you assess your preaching in an effort to make changes, improve content, and develop delivery skills to improve communication while at the same time being realistic about what can be changed? Do you rely on your wife to call the homiletical balls and strikes? Or is the umpire a trusted parishioner who occasionally makes an unsolicited call such as “I liked that sermon”? . . .

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